We are pleased to welcome you. As a professional film manufacturer, we invite you into the world of plastic film and here unlimited uses.
You can use our products everywhere, at home, at work, or even on vacation!

We focus on quality products and customer satisfaction. Being experienced in plastic film production for many years, we constantly try to innovate and develop new products and product features.
If you have need for new developed and innovative products, please let us know and give the confidence that we fulfill does needs for you.
Your flexible film wishes can become true in; LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, CPP and our BOPP film production, the film can be converted, and 8-colour printed, in our own facilities, in the historical city of Torun Polen.

As a professional supplier, we guarantee high quality films, state of the art printing and converting, and logistics performance!!

Customer satisfaction is key for HSL Verpackungen GmbH, try us!

We look forward to receive your first inquiry!

Logo BRC We are proud to announce that we have been BRC certified since October 2017.